Saturday, November 30, 2013

Baby Girl's First Birthday: Butterfly Theme


I wanted to do a Butterfly Theme for my baby's First Birthday. So I set out gathering ideas on how to make the theme come alive.

First, I chose a color pallet: Pinks & Grey.

                       Second, I had my invitations designed by Cupcake Cards:

Third, I decided on a favor:

I had a bunch of baby food jars I was keeping for some reason, and tried to think of a way I could utilise them and keep with the theme (without simply filling them with pink and grey jelly beans and being done with it. That would be too easy!) First I gathered the following supplies to decorate them, I would figure out what goes in them later..

2. WHITE CRAFT PAINT: paint lids white
3. RIBBON: wrap the edges of the lid
4. CUSTOM LABLES BY CUPCAKE CARDS: print on sticker paper and cut and apply to jar
5. FLOWER PUNCHES: layer one large and one small with foam tape between each and place on lid
6. JEWEL STICKERS: add to center of the flowers


                                                     This was the finished product!

Now I needed to decide what to put in it. There were both boys and girls invited from ages 1-10
and I didn't want to fill them to the brim with candy, so I did the next best thing. I only filled
 it with a little candy....creatively. I made butterfly and bug habitats for the boys and the girls. Brilliant right?

These are the supplies I used to create the habitats:

1. CHOCOLATE COVERED RAISINS: enough to make a thin layer on the
 bottom of each jar (to resemble dirt)
2. GREEN APPLE LICORICE-RIBBED: cut into 1/2" chunks, place in jar upright
(to resemble grass coming up from the "dirt")
3. BUTTERFLY & WORM GUMMIES: Yes, I somehow managed to find
butterfly gummies in various sizes! For the girls I used one large and 2-3 small
 and for the boys I used the gummies and maybe 1 butterfly. The worms I placed
 between the "dirt" "grass"

There you have it!

Gummy Worm and Butterfly Habitats.

I went on to plan the rest of the birthday décor, food, drink and games:

Turned our manly Bar/Basement pink, girly and fun for our guests!
I know, not everyone has all this at their disposal but that's the advantage of decorating events for a living. Sorry!
All draping, linens, runners, sashes, paper lanterns and cupcake stands can be rented from A Priceless Event Ltd.
Older kids played the Chrysalis game.
For this you need two rolls of toilet paper
and two pairs of wings (optional)
Break into two teams and the first one to wrap
 their "butterfly" from foot to head wins!
They had fun breaking out and emerging as butterflies.  
Spiral Cupcake Stand filled with homemade cupcakes
 in silver foil wrappers with butterfly pics
I invited guests to bring their own wings,
and even the Birthday girl wore wings all day!

The drink station had a dispenser of yummy
 Santa Cruz Raspberry Lemonade,
Mason Jar Drinking Glasses with Grey Striped Paper Straws.
Also Custom Labeled Water Bottles and for the coffee & tea drinkers,
 accompanies by a whimsical whale cream and sugar set.
The food station set up and ready for food!
Some prizes I found were wooden butterfly
masks they could decorate
Custom Water Bottle Labels
 by Cupcake Cards

I made a timeline of photos from my baby's first year. 

I found pink butterfly nets for $0.95ea!
Used coffee filters, folded in half and dropped
 them from the balcony.
 Whoever caught the most "butterflies" in their net won!
This was fun for all ages

 All in all I was proud I was able to pull off such a memorable 1st Birthday for my little one. Especially because her birthday falls in the busiest time of year for A Priceless Event!

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Gold and Raspberry Christmas Table Setting

Need a little Christmas Decorating Inspiration.
Here's what I did last year, enjoy!
Thanks to Judy Swens Photography for capturing it!

White Silk Kissing Balls topped 16" Cylinder Vases
 filled with raspberry glittering ornaments
Dining Curtains tied with Champagne Satin Sashes
 and Rhinestone Mesh Clip

I weaved a burgundy/raspberry stain chair sash through the slats of
my Cherry wood Dining Chairs. Tied them into an obi bow
and added a teardrop Christmas ornament to the back of each 
A Gold Pintuck Taffeta Overlay was the starting point for this look.

White Feather Balls on Trumpet Vase
filled with clear jelly filler

I used Gold Charger Plates, White Dinner Plates
with a subtle gold trim. A Chocolate Napkin adorned
 with a Square Rhinestone Napkin Ring off set all the golds


Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Monday, January 24, 2011

Yellow Weddings for 2011

It's only January and already the trends are setting in. We have been designing a lot of Yellow Weddings for 2011. Either yellow on it's own, or teamed with a subtle color like grey or a bold color like Purple.

Here are a few inspiration boards:

Purple & Yellow

 Black & Yellow

 Navy & Yellow
 Aplpe Green & Yellow
 Burgundy & Yellow
 Pink & Yellow

 Grey & Yellow

 Pink & Yellow